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Ari’s Nails Flash Tattoos

Ari’s Nails Flash Tattoos

A modern take on classic tattoos, the Ari’s Nails collection of gold and silver metallic tattoos. Full of simple pieces that make a big statement, this collection of flashy jewelry looks beautiful alone or layered with your favorite jewelry. Perfect everywhere from the beach to brunch in the city, this collection kicks up boring basics by adding some shimmer and shine to your day-to-day look. Wear it on your chest, arms, hand, or ankles and you’ll definitely turn heads wherever you go. WHAT’S INSIDE: Sheet 1: Customizable chain pendant necklaces Sheet 2: Gold and silver bracelet variety in geometric shapes Sheet 3: Statement necklace and bracelets Sheet 4: Gold and silver bracelet variety Wears up to 3 weeksflash tat - Copy


Nails Statements

Nails Statements

You may enjoy talking a lot, or you may instead prefer to be a little quieter and keep things to yourself; but regardless of how verbally expressive you are, your body can also say a lot of things in a non-verbal manner.
Some of the most common hand gestures are:
• Thumbs up representing something great
• Fingers crossed to represent wishing for good fortune
• Showing the whole hand to represent “Stop”
• ‘V’ shape with your index and middle fingers to represent victory
By now we know that nails are an accessory and that they reflect our personality. As of late nails are making another statement. Your nails make a gesture when they are painted different colors on significant fingers to indicate a gesture.
• Painting the index and middle finger nails a shade/color different from the others non-verbally states the peace sign
• Painting the thumb nail a different color non-verbally states OK or thumbs up!
• Painting the pinky and index fingernails non-verbally states cheating when they are shown to someone who is cheating in a relationship
• Painting of the index finger is usually a vulgar statement – example F**k You!
There are other mannerisms that you can do unconsciously such as: talking with your hands open which means honesty, talking with your hands open. Hands facing down means you are certain, using gestures that are larger than your body outlines means you are expressing big but possibly chaotic ideas, or you may simply not use your hands at all when you feel indifference towards the subject. Instead you may want to use your nails.
Regardless of which of these gestures you use more or less, it is important to understand the role that your hands and nails play in your everyday life and how this can directly or indirectly express who you are and how you feel. It is because of this that we can say that your nails are the most visible and attention calling accessory that you can wear. In a business environment or at the party scene having nicely polished nails can give you an extra sense of security and help you communicate more confidently. So having all of this in mind, leverage your nails to get that extra little boost!


Christian Louboutin Rome 2014

Christian Louboutin Rome 2014

The latest rave in nail polish is now here in Rome. At last night’s (12/10/2014) Christian Louboutins’ boutique located at Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina 19. It was a honor to be able to experience and try 10 applications of the hottest and most upscale nail lacquers of these times.
The colors that I tried were highly pigmented, vibrant with a crystal like finish – giving my nails a remarkably high gloss look. All of which was applied by Francesca an upcoming protégée trade demonstrator from the Maracaibo Sun Team.
Thanks to Francesca and Sarah Lynares effective communication on the product I was immediately impressed by the technical information received that I had to invest in one of the € 45.00 – $50.00. Although unlike the Starlight bottle (photo at the top of the page) which cost € 600 – $ 675 the bottle I purchased is not adorned with 1,500 hand applied strass crystal – the same high end crystals used by the designer to create this seasons $ 1,395 Pensamoi Pumps. The bottle of Stephanie Alliman’s choice is called Rouge Louboutin a “timeless” vibrant red as found in the starlight bottle; the designer also uses the same color on his famous soles.
Lindsay Green of Yahoo Beauty Blog States that: “Christian Louboutin knows the way to a woman’s heart and apparently when creating his new collection, he had a haunch that we’d want something healthy. The gluten and 3-free line is full of a range of bold colors you’re going to want to get your hands on. ”
Overall, if your color is red, blue, or even green having your own personal bottle is truly an oggetto d’art, objet d’ art or rather an object of art.
My purchase also came with a complimentary Christian Louboutin journal along with Louboutin personalized chocolates. Moreover, The event was an exclusive affair. It catered to a selective amount of guest. The atmosphere was very modish.
My Compliments!
Calling all nail polish aficionado !!