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Ari’s Nails Flash Tattoos

Ari’s Nails Flash Tattoos

A modern take on classic tattoos, the Ari’s Nails collection of gold and silver metallic tattoos. Full of simple pieces that make a big statement, this collection of flashy jewelry looks beautiful alone or layered with your favorite jewelry. Perfect everywhere from the beach to brunch in the city, this collection kicks up boring basics by adding some shimmer and shine to your day-to-day look. Wear it on your chest, arms, hand, or ankles and you’ll definitely turn heads wherever you go. WHAT’S INSIDE: Sheet 1: Customizable chain pendant necklaces Sheet 2: Gold and silver bracelet variety in geometric shapes Sheet 3: Statement necklace and bracelets Sheet 4: Gold and silver bracelet variety Wears up to 3 weeksflash tat - Copy


Nail Trends Spring Summer 2015

Nail Trends Spring Summer 2015

Being a woman means you have the power to be a top executive, a caring mother, a crazy friend, a beautiful girlfriend/wife, and a sports champion; all at the same time! It means that you have a life filled with events and special moments and you always make the most of each and every one. The best part of all is that no matter how busy you are, from head to toe you always have the desire to look great and you enjoy facing life with your own sense of style.
Along with being unique and fancy, you understand that life’s events are different, calling for specific dress codes and attitudes. Nails, being the most important accessory that you wear and one of the most visible parts of your body should also be done according to the occasion. To help guide you, we have included ideas of nail colors and styles to use for every special moment in your life, no matter how simple it is!

Your Wedding:
This is your day to shine! Keeping in mind that you are probably going to wear a stunning dress, a dramatic hairstyle, and glamorous jewelry, so doesn’t overdo it on the nails. We suggest:

– The Inverted French in Gel or Acrylic
– Mesauda Crystalac or Shelac
– Semi Permanete or Gel Polish
– Essie’s Bridal Collection

First Date:

Always an exciting event and one that you will most likely spend hours preparing for. Nails are no exception in the seduction game so here’s our suggestion for this day:

– OPI First Date at the Golden Gate; a deep red.


An incredibly special day, no matter how long you’ve been together. This is a day to enhance your best bits and go with a youthful & romantic vibe – look your best for him with the following nail polishes:

– Depending on the year of your anniversary we highly suggest that you choose from OPI Happy Anniversary Nail Lacquer Classics Collection

Summer Vacation:
Everyone’s favorite time of year, when you are on holiday your style isn’t bound to your workplace. You are allowed to be bold and daring while enjoying the sun rays on your skin. For nails that wake up with sunny mornings and later enjoy deep yellow sunsets, we recommend 2015:

– Mesauda’s Florecent Gel Polish
– CND Cake Pop Power Polish or Color and Effects
– China Glaze Off into The Sunset
– Color Club Poptastic Pastel Neon
– OPI Hawaii Collection

Shopping Day:
Shopping is probably when we want to look our very best, especially if we are going into the posh shops. Being well-manicured means flawlessly chic makeup and nails, so this is how you want your nails to look like:
– Simply manicured with a color of your choice

Girls Night Out
When you are out with the girls you want to keep up a fun and sassy vibe. The color on your nails can go a long way to keeping your energy level up and your night sparkling. Try these:

– Essie’s Cashmere Collection
– Orly’s Smokey Collection


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Your Nails Talk!

Your Nails Talk!

Express yourself and show the world who you are!
Every person is unique; filled with an individual spirit and lifestyle, which make this world an interesting and exciting place to be in. You can be imaginative, spontaneous, curious, charismatic, enthusiastic, altruistic, or simply have a combination of a little bit of this and a little bit of that. The most important thing is to be proud of who you are and have fun expressing it.
Nails are one of the most common ways of expressing yourself since there are so many things you can do with them; so if you’re looking for ideas and would like something that caters specifically to you, here you go!
– For the trendy one who wants to look like the stars: Stiletto Nails
– For the life of the party who knows how to spark everyone up: Neon colored nails
– For the creative one who can never go unnoticed: Graphic patterned nails
– For the classy lady who believes in tradition: Nude colored nails
– For the dramatic one who is feeling sexy: Red Russian Roulette polish
– For the one young at heart who never fails to wear a big smile: One color for every nail
– For the flirty girl who loves going on dates: Hot Pink polish
– For the rebellious one who has her mysterious side: Black Matte polish
– For Mrs. Busy who always has a full agenda: Clear but nicely polished nails

Christian Louboutin Rome 2014

Christian Louboutin Rome 2014

The latest rave in nail polish is now here in Rome. At last night’s (12/10/2014) Christian Louboutins’ boutique located at Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina 19. It was a honor to be able to experience and try 10 applications of the hottest and most upscale nail lacquers of these times.
The colors that I tried were highly pigmented, vibrant with a crystal like finish – giving my nails a remarkably high gloss look. All of which was applied by Francesca an upcoming protégée trade demonstrator from the Maracaibo Sun Team.
Thanks to Francesca and Sarah Lynares effective communication on the product I was immediately impressed by the technical information received that I had to invest in one of the € 45.00 – $50.00. Although unlike the Starlight bottle (photo at the top of the page) which cost € 600 – $ 675 the bottle I purchased is not adorned with 1,500 hand applied strass crystal – the same high end crystals used by the designer to create this seasons $ 1,395 Pensamoi Pumps. The bottle of Stephanie Alliman’s choice is called Rouge Louboutin a “timeless” vibrant red as found in the starlight bottle; the designer also uses the same color on his famous soles.
Lindsay Green of Yahoo Beauty Blog States that: “Christian Louboutin knows the way to a woman’s heart and apparently when creating his new collection, he had a haunch that we’d want something healthy. The gluten and 3-free line is full of a range of bold colors you’re going to want to get your hands on. ”
Overall, if your color is red, blue, or even green having your own personal bottle is truly an oggetto d’art, objet d’ art or rather an object of art.
My purchase also came with a complimentary Christian Louboutin journal along with Louboutin personalized chocolates. Moreover, The event was an exclusive affair. It catered to a selective amount of guest. The atmosphere was very modish.
My Compliments!
Calling all nail polish aficionado !!