Nail Trends Spring Summer 2015

Nail Trends Spring Summer 2015

Being a woman means you have the power to be a top executive, a caring mother, a crazy friend, a beautiful girlfriend/wife, and a sports champion; all at the same time! It means that you have a life filled with events and special moments and you always make the most of each and every one. The best part of all is that no matter how busy you are, from head to toe you always have the desire to look great and you enjoy facing life with your own sense of style.
Along with being unique and fancy, you understand that life’s events are different, calling for specific dress codes and attitudes. Nails, being the most important accessory that you wear and one of the most visible parts of your body should also be done according to the occasion. To help guide you, we have included ideas of nail colors and styles to use for every special moment in your life, no matter how simple it is!

Your Wedding:
This is your day to shine! Keeping in mind that you are probably going to wear a stunning dress, a dramatic hairstyle, and glamorous jewelry, so doesn’t overdo it on the nails. We suggest:

– The Inverted French in Gel or Acrylic
– Mesauda Crystalac or Shelac
– Semi Permanete or Gel Polish
– Essie’s Bridal Collection

First Date:

Always an exciting event and one that you will most likely spend hours preparing for. Nails are no exception in the seduction game so here’s our suggestion for this day:

– OPI First Date at the Golden Gate; a deep red.


An incredibly special day, no matter how long you’ve been together. This is a day to enhance your best bits and go with a youthful & romantic vibe – look your best for him with the following nail polishes:

– Depending on the year of your anniversary we highly suggest that you choose from OPI Happy Anniversary Nail Lacquer Classics Collection

Summer Vacation:
Everyone’s favorite time of year, when you are on holiday your style isn’t bound to your workplace. You are allowed to be bold and daring while enjoying the sun rays on your skin. For nails that wake up with sunny mornings and later enjoy deep yellow sunsets, we recommend 2015:

– Mesauda’s Florecent Gel Polish
– CND Cake Pop Power Polish or Color and Effects
– China Glaze Off into The Sunset
– Color Club Poptastic Pastel Neon
– OPI Hawaii Collection

Shopping Day:
Shopping is probably when we want to look our very best, especially if we are going into the posh shops. Being well-manicured means flawlessly chic makeup and nails, so this is how you want your nails to look like:
– Simply manicured with a color of your choice

Girls Night Out
When you are out with the girls you want to keep up a fun and sassy vibe. The color on your nails can go a long way to keeping your energy level up and your night sparkling. Try these:

– Essie’s Cashmere Collection
– Orly’s Smokey Collection

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Nails Statements

Nails Statements

You may enjoy talking a lot, or you may instead prefer to be a little quieter and keep things to yourself; but regardless of how verbally expressive you are, your body can also say a lot of things in a non-verbal manner.
Some of the most common hand gestures are:
• Thumbs up representing something great
• Fingers crossed to represent wishing for good fortune
• Showing the whole hand to represent “Stop”
• ‘V’ shape with your index and middle fingers to represent victory
By now we know that nails are an accessory and that they reflect our personality. As of late nails are making another statement. Your nails make a gesture when they are painted different colors on significant fingers to indicate a gesture.
• Painting the index and middle finger nails a shade/color different from the others non-verbally states the peace sign
• Painting the thumb nail a different color non-verbally states OK or thumbs up!
• Painting the pinky and index fingernails non-verbally states cheating when they are shown to someone who is cheating in a relationship
• Painting of the index finger is usually a vulgar statement – example F**k You!
There are other mannerisms that you can do unconsciously such as: talking with your hands open which means honesty, talking with your hands open. Hands facing down means you are certain, using gestures that are larger than your body outlines means you are expressing big but possibly chaotic ideas, or you may simply not use your hands at all when you feel indifference towards the subject. Instead you may want to use your nails.
Regardless of which of these gestures you use more or less, it is important to understand the role that your hands and nails play in your everyday life and how this can directly or indirectly express who you are and how you feel. It is because of this that we can say that your nails are the most visible and attention calling accessory that you can wear. In a business environment or at the party scene having nicely polished nails can give you an extra sense of security and help you communicate more confidently. So having all of this in mind, leverage your nails to get that extra little boost!


Foot Basins v/s Pedicure Thrones

Foot Basins v/s Pedicure Thrones

Pedicure thrones are more than just a chair with a jacuzzi at your feet they are the utmost vanity item in a nail salon keeping customers happy and feeling relaxed. Here are some of the benefits:

– Full function Shiatsu Massage
– Go from weary to wonderful
– Agronomic for the clients & technician
– Reduces stress, pressure, on the spine & lower back

Pedicure bowls are an elegant alternative to pedicure or jets made of resin color, stainless, & cooper.

-light weight
-Soaking feet in a Copper bowl can help to achieve a healthier immune system as well as help with joint pain from conditions like arthritis.
-Portable and Easy to Store
-Pedicure bowls are very easy to clean.

Your Nails Talk!

Your Nails Talk!

Express yourself and show the world who you are!
Every person is unique; filled with an individual spirit and lifestyle, which make this world an interesting and exciting place to be in. You can be imaginative, spontaneous, curious, charismatic, enthusiastic, altruistic, or simply have a combination of a little bit of this and a little bit of that. The most important thing is to be proud of who you are and have fun expressing it.
Nails are one of the most common ways of expressing yourself since there are so many things you can do with them; so if you’re looking for ideas and would like something that caters specifically to you, here you go!
– For the trendy one who wants to look like the stars: Stiletto Nails
– For the life of the party who knows how to spark everyone up: Neon colored nails
– For the creative one who can never go unnoticed: Graphic patterned nails
– For the classy lady who believes in tradition: Nude colored nails
– For the dramatic one who is feeling sexy: Red Russian Roulette polish
– For the one young at heart who never fails to wear a big smile: One color for every nail
– For the flirty girl who loves going on dates: Hot Pink polish
– For the rebellious one who has her mysterious side: Black Matte polish
– For Mrs. Busy who always has a full agenda: Clear but nicely polished nails

Rome’s Nails, Wellness & Aesthetic Trade Show

Rome’s Nails, Wellness & Aesthetic Trade Show

Roma International Estetica Fiera Professionale Dell’ Estetica E Del Benessere
Rome’s Nails, Wellness & Aesthetic Trade Show

On Feb 1ST 2015 over 150 Nails and Aesthetic brands in Rome gathered together to bring to us what they had to offer in materials/trends for 2015/2016 at Fierra di Roma. Despite the economically crisis 20.000 thousand stall workers attended the trade show along with me and my daughter Arianna and two of my closest friends. Silvia Barlocci, the owner of Gloss & Pamela Floridi who’s a journalist. All in search of what’s made in Italy. Thanks to Events such as Roma International Estetica we were up at 7:30am like good nail  we were aficionado gathered at the nearest coffee shop to have a cappuccino and a cornetto (croissant) before boarding the train. It was a very cold Sunday morning but the cold did not keep us from the excitement of being at this trade show.
So, it took us 30mins to arrive to Nuova Fierra di Roma from Trastevere Station. Upon our arrival a huge travel bus commuted the visitors from the station to the trade show locations by 8:20. The lines were already long but the room was filled with positive energy from the moment we stepped in the doors! However, the beauty of this trade show was the Olympics of Nails ( Nailympics 2015) for its 3rd year in Italy – Nailympics Italia with over 50 countries participating along with the commemoration to one of the in my opinion Industries greatest leaders Vicky Peters.

After being checked in we walked down a long tunnel to get to the two pavilions A & B which were designated for the occasion. As we went down the escalators in pavilion A the first stand which caught our eyes was CND’s Alidea Italia and of course we had to stop and check it out! Instantly, we were greeted by Mirko & Simona Anedda with a lovely CND tote bag, brochures of the latest products and innovations on their market. Thank you Mirko!!! After receiving the information that I needed we proceeded to an upcoming brand on the Italian market named MESAUDA from Milan. I was very intrigued by CND but when MESAUDAs’ Emiliano welcomed me by picking me up in the air (an unforgettable moment which last with me for a lifetime). Needless to say, I was curious to learn more so, I sat down for a full set of gel enhancements a promotion, done by an upcoming Mesauda protégée. I was impressed by the preparation of the natural nail.

My natural nail was not touched by an electric file at all but rather with a 180 nail board file which was filed in the direction of the nails growth. No hacking of my guardian seals and her gentle touch made me feel secure and at ease. The primers used were acid free – non acid. As a result, I am so happy with my black and gold French that I may just have to invest in this brand!

Next, we explored more stalls such as Rome Nail Academy where certificates earned by this Academy are state board certified and not just a certification of participation like most, which are not valid to perform services on others but just means that one participated at a product demonstration or event. With this information in mind, I then proceeded to my next destination Charms Nails, owner Roberta Giannetti. As we approached the stall, Arianna and I were greeted by Isotta Ognibene where we received some very important news on the Guru of Nails, Doug Schoon – we learned that Mr. Shoon will be back in September to give the Italian nail field another unforgettable Educational Nail Event! Looking forward to the RSVP!
Overall, Roberta Giannetti and Lysa Comfort were judges in the Nailympics and that the event was colorful, delightful, and filled with positive new ideas for the world of nails this year.
Special thanks to:
Mauro Mannochi – President of Fiera Roma Srl
& the Camera di Commercio di Roma for making this possible.

Stephanie Alliman

Bellezza – Health & Beauty Report @ Gloss Roma Truccomonteverde

Bellezza – Health & Beauty Report @ Gloss Roma Truccomonteverde

Silvia Barlocci’s, Passion for makeup started at a very young age. The facial structure and the various pigments of humanoids complexions have always fascinated her.
After her studies in 1986 Silvia’s talent began to flourish. No questions asked Silvia is a natural for transforming or enhancing ones natural beauty. She has more than 20 years of experience in the beauty field and has set herself apart in the industry by educating and encouraging men and women of different cultures on how important it is to take care of ones appearance.
Moreover, Silvia is an inspirational coach for those who are dealing with skin disorders. Currently she is the Proprietor and operator of Gloss makeup located in Rome at Via Edoardo Jenner 134 Italy. Gloss carries Italian brands from Milan such as: Mesauda, Film, Emanuela Biffoli of Florence, etc.. The energy that Silvia transmit in her work goes beyond being a makeup artist, aesthetician, or an entrepreneur. In my opinion she’s a magician with the colours of magic in her hands and has a heart filled with smiles.
I adore Silvia we have known each other for the past 15 years she is also my aesthetician, mentor, and makeup consultant. We have a very special bond as we both work in the same field but as of late we share an even greater union – information on a skin disorder called Vitiligo.
Vitiligo /ˌvɪtɨˈlaɪɡoʊ/ is a condition that causes depigmentation of parts of the skin. It occurs when skin pigment cells die or are unable to function. like Micheal Jackson I am now experiencing the journey of vitiligo. It has been 4 years now since I have been diagnosed with vitiligo and can attest that my life has changed in many ways. In the beginning I became very worried because I had very little knowledge on the subject matter.
I would often become morally broken down to the point where I would cry because I was very worried about my image and being out in public.
However, As I gained strength and understanding during this phase I realized that, the first barrier I had to break was my ignorance towards self. Obviously at the time I did not know my body genetically as well as I do now in order to understand that vitiligo could be a known factor to me.
Curious to learn more about the latest changes that my skin was going through. I began my own research sought out a good dermatologist here in Rome one that was familiar with Nubian skin to find that there’s hope. I am currently undergoing phototherapy as a part of the healing process a changed diet, and visits with a therapist. Hence the struggle of what I have to go through on a daily basis I still had to get up and live.
To live in my world means getting up going to my place of work, being in constant contact with the public in the beauty industry. My thoughts would run wild on how to remedy my appearance that I would panic if I was to be seen with white spots on my face let alone to have to give an explanation. My only resort would be to use makeup or stay inside my home locked away from the world. Given the knowledge that I have acquired on vitiligo for Nubian skin the condition worsens if I was to isolate myself because my skin lacked in melanin it needs to be constantly exposed to sunlight or the right UV lights.
I then decided to find the nearest MAC makeup counter an invested in a few cosmetics items a concealer, foundation, and powders but to my dismay finding colors which blended with my skins complexion was not an easy task considering that I live in Europe. I then called on Silvia.
Determined Silvia, guides me through to a whole new path where I rediscovered the beauty of being me. Motivated by her help I stayed positive and Like Mayo Angelo’s quote “Be a rainbow in somebody’s cloud” from the stroke of Silvia’s brushes she blends an array of colors to match the pigmentation of my skin. As I slide down her rainbow I am able to face the lights, cameras, and the actions of the everyday world.
Today I am proud to share with you Silvia Barlocci’s Gloss in Collaboration with Stephanie Alliman of Ari’s Nails.