American Manicure (softer white) vs French Manicure (traditional white tip) – Your choice!

American Manicure (softer white) vs French Manicure (traditional white tip) – Your choice!

Are you ready to head out to the salon for a day of pampering? Are you ready to get a manicure, but you’re not sure of which one to get? For many technicians, the most popular choices that are offered to customers are either an American manicure or a French manicure. Is there much of a difference between these two different manicure styles? If there is, what is the difference? And is one style of manicure more affordable than the other?

There Is Not Much Difference Between the Two

The primary difference that one can see between these two styles of manicure is the amount of pink that is included with the nail and the density of the whiteness at the tip of the nail. Here is what you can expect with each style of manicure:

French manicure: The classic French manicure utilizes a clear base that leaves your nail with a fresh, pinkish style of tone. This is applied over the entire nail, and then when completed a very dense, white tip is painted across the nail

American manicure: The process of the American manicure is the same, but instead of a clear base, multiple colors are available for application. A common form of this manicure is to use a flesh color for the base of the nail and then a bright color is used instead of a dense white color for the tip. This could range from hot pink to off-white.

The ultimate goal of the French manicure is to add some style and sophistication to your overall look. In comparison, the American manicure can help to make your nails look more natural or you can use it to add some personalized flair and color to your style.

However, whether your manicure is American, French, or Italian. We at Ar’s Nails are here to service you.


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