Cosmoprof Bologna 2015

Cosmoprof Bologna 2015

Lights, camera, tradeshow!

Cosmoprof Bologna took place recently and the Ari’s Nails team made sure they didn’t miss a thing. After cruising the hallways of the cosmetics, SPA, natural, hair, and packaging expositions, we headed to our favorite one… the nails section!

Walls were covered with colors resembling the latest polish collections and stands where filled with unique atmospheres which invited the customers to come in. Whether you liked tropical colors, caviar nails, sticker patterned nails, or tiny decorations, you were definitely going to find something to suit your style. Nail reps were happy to assist everyone and give them manicures so they could test the products.

O.P.I., CND, and Essie were some of the present brands at the Cosmoprof. Amidst the sea of the top nail gurus in the industry such as Flavia Pitton, lots of business transactions were taking place. On one side you had the well established brands looking for buyers, distributers, and consumers; and on the other you had potential investors looking for the right company for them to launch their private label nail polish with.

Cosmoprof Bologna 2015 was without a doubt a remarkable event; besides offering an exciting vibe, it also opened up a world of possibilities and business opportunities. So next time you’re looking for the best place to open up your network and dive into the nail/beauty industry which we are so passionate about, you know exactly where it is!

Written by Angela Gers


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