Rome’s Nails, Wellness & Aesthetic Trade Show

Rome’s Nails, Wellness & Aesthetic Trade Show

Roma International Estetica Fiera Professionale Dell’ Estetica E Del Benessere
Rome’s Nails, Wellness & Aesthetic Trade Show

On Feb 1ST 2015 over 150 Nails and Aesthetic brands in Rome gathered together to bring to us what they had to offer in materials/trends for 2015/2016 at Fierra di Roma. Despite the economically crisis 20.000 thousand stall workers attended the trade show along with me and my daughter Arianna and two of my closest friends. Silvia Barlocci, the owner of Gloss & Pamela Floridi who’s a journalist. All in search of what’s made in Italy. Thanks to Events such as Roma International Estetica we were up at 7:30am like good nail  we were aficionado gathered at the nearest coffee shop to have a cappuccino and a cornetto (croissant) before boarding the train. It was a very cold Sunday morning but the cold did not keep us from the excitement of being at this trade show.
So, it took us 30mins to arrive to Nuova Fierra di Roma from Trastevere Station. Upon our arrival a huge travel bus commuted the visitors from the station to the trade show locations by 8:20. The lines were already long but the room was filled with positive energy from the moment we stepped in the doors! However, the beauty of this trade show was the Olympics of Nails ( Nailympics 2015) for its 3rd year in Italy – Nailympics Italia with over 50 countries participating along with the commemoration to one of the in my opinion Industries greatest leaders Vicky Peters.

After being checked in we walked down a long tunnel to get to the two pavilions A & B which were designated for the occasion. As we went down the escalators in pavilion A the first stand which caught our eyes was CND’s Alidea Italia and of course we had to stop and check it out! Instantly, we were greeted by Mirko & Simona Anedda with a lovely CND tote bag, brochures of the latest products and innovations on their market. Thank you Mirko!!! After receiving the information that I needed we proceeded to an upcoming brand on the Italian market named MESAUDA from Milan. I was very intrigued by CND but when MESAUDAs’ Emiliano welcomed me by picking me up in the air (an unforgettable moment which last with me for a lifetime). Needless to say, I was curious to learn more so, I sat down for a full set of gel enhancements a promotion, done by an upcoming Mesauda protégée. I was impressed by the preparation of the natural nail.

My natural nail was not touched by an electric file at all but rather with a 180 nail board file which was filed in the direction of the nails growth. No hacking of my guardian seals and her gentle touch made me feel secure and at ease. The primers used were acid free – non acid. As a result, I am so happy with my black and gold French that I may just have to invest in this brand!

Next, we explored more stalls such as Rome Nail Academy where certificates earned by this Academy are state board certified and not just a certification of participation like most, which are not valid to perform services on others but just means that one participated at a product demonstration or event. With this information in mind, I then proceeded to my next destination Charms Nails, owner Roberta Giannetti. As we approached the stall, Arianna and I were greeted by Isotta Ognibene where we received some very important news on the Guru of Nails, Doug Schoon – we learned that Mr. Shoon will be back in September to give the Italian nail field another unforgettable Educational Nail Event! Looking forward to the RSVP!
Overall, Roberta Giannetti and Lysa Comfort were judges in the Nailympics and that the event was colorful, delightful, and filled with positive new ideas for the world of nails this year.
Special thanks to:
Mauro Mannochi – President of Fiera Roma Srl
& the Camera di Commercio di Roma for making this possible.

Stephanie Alliman


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