Bellezza – Health & Beauty Report @ Gloss Roma Truccomonteverde

Bellezza – Health & Beauty Report @ Gloss Roma Truccomonteverde

Silvia Barlocci’s, Passion for makeup started at a very young age. The facial structure and the various pigments of humanoids complexions have always fascinated her.
After her studies in 1986 Silvia’s talent began to flourish. No questions asked Silvia is a natural for transforming or enhancing ones natural beauty. She has more than 20 years of experience in the beauty field and has set herself apart in the industry by educating and encouraging men and women of different cultures on how important it is to take care of ones appearance.
Moreover, Silvia is an inspirational coach for those who are dealing with skin disorders. Currently she is the Proprietor and operator of Gloss makeup located in Rome at Via Edoardo Jenner 134 Italy. Gloss carries Italian brands from Milan such as: Mesauda, Film, Emanuela Biffoli of Florence, etc.. The energy that Silvia transmit in her work goes beyond being a makeup artist, aesthetician, or an entrepreneur. In my opinion she’s a magician with the colours of magic in her hands and has a heart filled with smiles.
I adore Silvia we have known each other for the past 15 years she is also my aesthetician, mentor, and makeup consultant. We have a very special bond as we both work in the same field but as of late we share an even greater union – information on a skin disorder called Vitiligo.
Vitiligo /ˌvɪtɨˈlaɪɡoʊ/ is a condition that causes depigmentation of parts of the skin. It occurs when skin pigment cells die or are unable to function. like Micheal Jackson I am now experiencing the journey of vitiligo. It has been 4 years now since I have been diagnosed with vitiligo and can attest that my life has changed in many ways. In the beginning I became very worried because I had very little knowledge on the subject matter.
I would often become morally broken down to the point where I would cry because I was very worried about my image and being out in public.
However, As I gained strength and understanding during this phase I realized that, the first barrier I had to break was my ignorance towards self. Obviously at the time I did not know my body genetically as well as I do now in order to understand that vitiligo could be a known factor to me.
Curious to learn more about the latest changes that my skin was going through. I began my own research sought out a good dermatologist here in Rome one that was familiar with Nubian skin to find that there’s hope. I am currently undergoing phototherapy as a part of the healing process a changed diet, and visits with a therapist. Hence the struggle of what I have to go through on a daily basis I still had to get up and live.
To live in my world means getting up going to my place of work, being in constant contact with the public in the beauty industry. My thoughts would run wild on how to remedy my appearance that I would panic if I was to be seen with white spots on my face let alone to have to give an explanation. My only resort would be to use makeup or stay inside my home locked away from the world. Given the knowledge that I have acquired on vitiligo for Nubian skin the condition worsens if I was to isolate myself because my skin lacked in melanin it needs to be constantly exposed to sunlight or the right UV lights.
I then decided to find the nearest MAC makeup counter an invested in a few cosmetics items a concealer, foundation, and powders but to my dismay finding colors which blended with my skins complexion was not an easy task considering that I live in Europe. I then called on Silvia.
Determined Silvia, guides me through to a whole new path where I rediscovered the beauty of being me. Motivated by her help I stayed positive and Like Mayo Angelo’s quote “Be a rainbow in somebody’s cloud” from the stroke of Silvia’s brushes she blends an array of colors to match the pigmentation of my skin. As I slide down her rainbow I am able to face the lights, cameras, and the actions of the everyday world.
Today I am proud to share with you Silvia Barlocci’s Gloss in Collaboration with Stephanie Alliman of Ari’s Nails.


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